About Kendall Detox

Since we are dedicated to our clients, we provide every single one who enrolls in the addiction recovery program here at Kendall Detox with a fully personalized plan for substance abuse treatment.

Our Mission

We are aware that each individual client has their own needs, and we want to be sure that we can provide each and every client with precisely the support they need to reach their targets for addiction recovery. By making sure that every client gets a plan for recovery treatment that affords clients the support they need in the areas where they need it, we can be sure that every individual gets the help they deserve.

Our Vision

There are some aspects of treatment that will be common between the plans for recovery treatment we provide to different clients here at Kendall Detox. One such treatment is group therapy, which is an integral aspect of the recovery plans for many different clients at our substance abuse treatment facility. With group therapy, you’ll have the chance to meet with your fellow clients and share your experiences with them. You’ll also get the chance to listen as they share the wisdom they have acquired with you. Reaching recovery is a community effort at our drug rehab clinic, and you’ll quickly come to see how important group therapy can be to recovery.

How We Work for your Detox.

Supervised Detox

However, you will also take part in therapeutic programs that are hand-tailored to your needs. These might include individual sessions with one of our addiction counselors, which will give you a chance to share information that you might feel is too sensitive for the group therapy sessions.

You may also take part in more holistic therapeutic strategies, which can include strategies such as art therapy, music therapy, and yoga. No matter what particular addiction recovery treatment you need, we will strive to provide you with it at our drug rehab clinic.

Professional Staff

Personalized Treatments

If you are struggling with substance abuse, we urge you to consider contacting the friendly addiction specialists at our drug rehab center. We are committed to helping as many people as possible, and you could be next. Substance abuse can be a lonely and depressing experience, but we can get you the hope you need to prevail in recovery.